human value


Other Names:
Assessing organizational performance
Using high-performance windows
Improving industry environmental performance based on internationally accepted practices
Improving enterprise performance
Applying performance bonds to industrial activity
Remunerating on performance
Developing social audits
Improving economic performance of debtor countries
Adjudicating performance of staff contracts
Integrating environment performance indicators with financial information
Creating local drama performance
Using performance-related incentives
Minimizing environmental impact of detergents
Benchmarking company performance
Improving donor performance
Measuring Internet performance
Evaluating environmental performance
Integrating environmental strategies into industrial competitiveness
Integrating financial and environmental performance in industry
Requiring performance according to regulations
Improving community service performance
Acknowledging creative performance
Acknowledging creative performance
Maintaining peak industrial performance
Monitoring current performance
Monitoring industries
Improving investment performance
Studying performance quality
Improving performance quality
Using performance art
Exploiting differential economic performance among countries
Promoting excellence
Falsifying claims for weapons performance
Discrediting false claims for weapons performance
Checking claims for weapons performance
Balancing international economic activity
Benefiting clarinet performance
Developing performance tests
Developing performance test procedures
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values