Catalyzing individual depths

Giving the individual person images with which he can articulate his struggles. The effect is in the methods used for such articulation such as dance, drama, or a fast.
An integral part of expressing universal images, to build an authentic new image of humanness involving elders' wisdom, adults' power and youths' vision.
Tactics include: spirit context to awaken individual awareness of the depths of life in daily occurrences; secular rituals to self-consciously utilize common means of interpersonal communication to occasion rediscovery of the depth of life in every man; heritage involvement to enable the individual's symbolic recapturing of his corporate past in order to discern universal thrusts throughout time; phase transition to celebrate, through imaginative media, the passing from one life stage to another, thus capturing the uniqueness of all ages; and journey celebration to create exciting ways of rehearsing man's trek into his interior. An example is a film of cultural heritage dealing with the individual struggle within that culture (for example, 'Fiddler on the Roof').
Society Individuals
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies