Permeating minds

Providing new methods for those who attempt to inform others of their possibilities, thereby enabling them to deal with all people at the grassroots level. The effect is to give more people (and, especially, more types of people) a means of understanding their own experiences and possibilities.
An integral part of expressing universal images, to build an authentic new image of humanness involving elders' wisdom, adults' power and youths' vision.
Tactics include: personal encounters to utilize mundane occasions as possibilities for articulating to others; spiritual transfusion, creating subtle means of rehearsing the spiritual depths to everyone; mass presentations to permeate present media structures for the purpose of expanding the screen or context from which the content of the media flows; acting as a catalyst in the trend towards broader participation and new forms of decor and art; and expressive tools to refine methods of communication by injecting them with contemporary themes and a creative edge.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies