Maximizing local agricultural storage

Constructing local storage capability for farm produce
When agricultural policy is aimed at large-scale agriculture, specialization, heavy investment and export, the interests of small farmers and growers squeezed by the large scale policies. In the commodity markets for non-perishable cash crops, such as grains and pulses, the bargaining power of farmers has been significantly improved when they have been able to withhold their produce from the market until prices are more favourable. Community and individually-owned storage facilities can make this possible and the capital required for building these structures is greatly reduced when the local people themselves do the construction. Nevertheless, capital is required for at least the building materials. Even more important is the availability of working capital to take care of the lack of cash flow while the farmer's produce is being withheld from the market.
The Grupos de San Bartolo in Mexico is a foundation which has 'the loaning of crop storage buildings' among its programme activities.
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E: Emanations of other strategies
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