Initiating balanced expectations

Initiating responsible realistic, globally-oriented economic expectations. The effect is to initiate an anticipation of realistic futuric, responsible relationships between business, industry, government, and the individual.
An integral part of reviving economic service in a global, broad-based economy in which every individual participates in responsible economic decision-making and new economic life-styles.
Tactics include: accountability structures to expect labour, management, distribution, industry and business to be held accountable to the grassroots needs; comprehensive mobility to expect skilled work forces to be assigned to jobs where they are needed in any part of the globe; price controls to make goods and services available at a cost that all men can afford; realistic budgets to enable an individual or community to plan their financial spending realistically within a context of responsibility to others; and minimum income intended to enable everyone to expect a salary sufficient for twentieth-century living. An example is a small business, such as a drugstore, being able to expect an adequate clientele if the community decides that it is a necessary community business.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies