Treating lymphedema

Therapy for lymphedema
Lymphedema is a chronic and extreme swelling of the limbs. It can be treated most effectively with complex decongestive physiotherapy. This therapy has 4 parts:< 1. Manual lymph draining via gentle massage of the trunk and ultimately the lymphedemic limb every day with the aim of opening obstructed lymph vessels.

2. Bandaging the limb immediately after massage to prevent the lymph reentering the swelling. The limb should be elevated during sleep.

3. Exercising the bandaged limb, forcing the lymph to flow out from the limb.

4. Cleaning the skin and nails of the swollen limb, and coating the limb with an acidic lanolin-based skin lotion.

This treatment must usually be continued indefinitely, with bandaging at night and wearing an elasticized support sleeve by day, but patients prefer it to having the grossly swollen limb.

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