Providing information on agricultural biodiversity

Supporting the development or adaptation of relevant systems of information, early warning and communication to enable effective assessment of the state of agricultural biodiversity and threats to it, in support of national strategies and action plans, and of appropriate response mechanisms.
The following dimensions of agricultural biodiversity can be identified: (a) Genetic resources for food and agriculture, including: (i) Plant genetic resources, including pasture and rangeland species, genetic resources of trees that are an integral part of farming systems; (ii) Animal genetic resources, including fishery genetic resources, in cases where fish production is part of the farming system, and insect genetic resources; (iii) Microbial and fungal genetic resources. These constitute the main units of production in agriculture, including cultivated species, domesticated species and managed wild plants and animals, as well as wild relatives of cultivated and domesticated species; (b) Components of agricultural biodiversity that provide ecological services. These include a diverse range of organisms in agricultural production systems that contribute, at various scales to, inter alia: (i) Nutrient cycling, decomposition of organic matter and maintenance of soil fertility; (ii) Pest and disease regulation; (iii) Pollination; (iv) Maintenance and enhancement of local wildlife and habitats in their landscape, (v) Maintenance of the hydrological cycle; (vi) Erosion control; (vii) Climate regulation and carbon sequestration; (c) Abiotic factors, which have a determining effect on these aspects of agricultural biodiversity; (d) Socio-economic and cultural dimensions since agricultural biodiversity is largely shaped by human activities and management practices. These include: (i) Traditional and local knowledge of agricultural biodiversity, cultural factors and participatory processes; (ii) Tourism associated with agricultural landscapes; (iii) Other socio-economic factors.
Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies