Refusing to apologize for past war actions

There is still considerable debate in Japan about Japan's conduct before and during World War Two, culminating with Japanese society's continued refusal (from ordinary people to government) to come to terms with and apologize to the nations that Japan attacked or colonized before and during World War Two. The United States has refused to apologize to Japan for dropping nuclear bombs on Japan during the Second World War. Recently, the USA President said he thought the USA owed Japan no apology for having used the bombs fifty years ago, based on the facts before him.
Counter Claim:
Though not an aggressor nation during World War Two, there is some concensus that the United States could apologize to Japan for having used nuclear weapons against Japan because: this marked the only time nuclear weapons were used against a people; nuclear weapons are totally indiscriminate and massively destructive, far beyond the destructive capability of conventional warfare - they should never have been used, whatever the circumstances; tens of thousands of the nuclear bomb survivors have died long after the conflict from cancer and other radiation related-sickness because of the long-term radiation effects of nuclear bombs, whether on people or the environment.
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