Encouraging individual initiative

Personal action
Encouraging individual creativity and initiative to reach a goal.
Although this strategy works in any setting it is best used in a social context where individual responsibility and freedom are important values.
This strategy requires a specific framework and social understanding in order to be effective. It works best when it is obvious something practical must be done and an individual does it.
1. Individuals who operate from the context of their own creativity and initiative are generally more committed to their work.

2. Traditional systems can be augmented and enlightened by individual initiative.

3. This strategy facilitates people personally taking charge of their circumstances.

Counter Claim:
1. Individual initiative presumes that the individual will act for the good of the whole society.

2. There are many frameworks in which this may not be a viable option for all individuals.

3. This is a difficult strategy to direct or control.

4. This strategy encourages fragmentation and personalizing of goals and efforts.

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Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 13: Climate Action