Releasing awareness of underlying awe

Releasing awe-filled deeps

Emphasizing the significance of man's life. Responding to something new or novel that doesn’t fit with our understanding of the world, The effect is a spiritual resurgence and a new releasing image of the depth of individual being.


An integral part of illuminating life experiences to free the individual to embrace his deepest experiences in a responsible relationship to life.

One important distinction between awe and other emotions (like inspiration or surprise) is that awe makes us feel small, making us see ourselves as a small piece of something larger.


Tactics include: directed conversations to allow man to reflect on what is happening within him; song re-appropriation to call forth a resurgence of spirit; secular ritual to expose new images of humanness and release spirit-power; popular preaching to confront man with possibilities for taking a new relationship to himself and to his life; and life-story rehearsal to allow man to self-consciously reappropriate his past, present and future through worship, story-telling and scripture study. An example is a spirit conversation.

Adopting new lifestyle
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D: Detailed strategies