Winning territory for God

Winning back territory from the Enemy
The territorial dimension to conservative evangelical theology arises from an understanding of Spiritual Warfare. Sometimes this involves exorcizing neighbourhoods, street by street. But more often it expresses in practical ways which enhance the social coherence and quality of life.
The emergence of a more tough-minded breed of evangelists can have benefits for the whole community. In many places, a renewed sense of purpose has led to the rediscovery of an evangelical social conscience which has lain dormant for decades. In the South London suburb of Peckham, for example, the independent Ichthus Fellowship runs business courses for unemployed 'clients'. Forty percent of the client find real jobs, as opposed to 28 percent of the unemployed on secular job training schemes.
Satan has the real estate of villages, towns and cities overshadowed by ruling spirits which work untiringly at his command to bring about his malevolent will, fostering fear, violence and deception and successfully ruining lives which God intended for joy, happiness and true worship.
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