Articulating internal images

Expressing one's understanding of life. The effect is that an individual will have the language and channels necessary to articulate to the establishment his loyal opposition within the framework of the political system, thus allowing his insights to be incorporated in societal dialogue.
An integral part of formulating images for articulation of meaningful human relationships, to enable the individual to come out of isolation and respond to life's situations in a detached, yet comprehensively engaged, manner.
Tactics include: reformed-media to reach mass audiences with data and questions about life through use of television, radio, tapes, movies and pictorial displays; dramatic presentations to transport people, through stage or media drama, to new experiences of life; transformed-music to provide outlets for human expression of inner being through vocal, physical, and creative channels; technological transmission to enable exchange of technical expertise through a quick method such as diagrammatic schemes, subliminal indoctrination, and blitz imagining in such fields as medical science and computer augmentation; and cultural exchange intended to shift interior montage by plunges of varying depth into the life of other cultures. An example of this is a student rally held on campus to effect a change of dormitory rules that were designed by the university administration.
Psychology Imagery
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies