Redefining masculinity

Men's liberation
Revising the definitions of masculinity in order to alter male social and sexual roles. This strategy includes (a) Raising the awareness of men through group discussions among men about common problems such as the mythology of male dominance, and socially-defined male roles like the "security objection" of male employment (men are the breadwinners). This is done toward the recognizing and letting go of these images. (b) Redefining sexuality to imply cooperation, trust, openness, sensitivity and freedom. (c) Educating men about themselves beyond myths of male appearance, prestige, speciality, expertise, and objecthood. (d) Changing mass media images of sexual and social roles of men and women. (e) Altering job schedules to provide flexible and additional time with children and wives. (f) Altering traditional job roles by having more women in "male" occupations, more men in "women's" occupations and equal pay for equal work.
Counter Claim:
1. Men's liberation removes old mythology without replacing it with any positive new one.

2. It assumes that there is no significant, ontological difference between men and women, which leads to psychological and spiritual problems.

3. It forces women to be sexually aggressive or hard as males become gentle and considerate.

4. It cripples men psychologically, preventing them from becoming achievers.

5. Characteristically, it is 'soft' on homosexuality, and strong on socialist ideas.

6. It is destabilizing to the economy, destroying the male bread-winner role, undermining the father role and thus the family is weakened; this leads to social pathology and women's problems.

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D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 5: Gender Equality