Ordaining women

Women in mainly western countries have moved away from traditional roles and have gained more control and independence and are continuing to push for equal status with men in society. This social change has led to calls towards and have already led to the ordination of women in some countries. Having women in priesthood enhances both the potential of women and also the potential of Church members being aided by having a female rather than male priest.
Although still not permitted in many countries, and officially not permitted by the Anglican Church, women priests are found in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Some religions dismiss their ordination primarily because they insist traditional roles of women in society such as motherhood. The Catholic Church, for example, is against the ordination of women because they "see the dignity and mission of woman in the family, in society and in the church, which is faithful to the truth of the Gospel. Only men may be priests since Jesus chose only men as his disciples". Some countries catholic populations such as in the USA, Canada, and Australia are questioning this dogma.
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