Promoting world order

Creating new world order
Awakening new world order
Promoting the establishment of a new order of global governance. For some this means a world federation with operating objectives including democracy, peace, social justice and environmental care. In other circles it seems to mean virtually the opposite.
Business is no longer a special-interest group but is an equal partner with government and civil society in the new 'tri-polar' world order.
Counter Claim:
1. The "New World Order", "free trade" idea originates with right-wing think-tanks aiming to break down national sovereignty and gain global control, which bring together leaders in the fields of finance, journalism, education and politics. Chiefly, it involves a conspiracy of multinational corporations and large banks to rule the world, subverting democracy as it is practiced in the western hemisphere.

2. Globalization isn't about competition among nations, but rather about the increasing power of mega-corporations over nations and their peoples. Although sovereign national states, sometimes competing and sometimes cooperating, are the Familiar World Order, globalization is leading us inexorably toward a New World Order where mega-corporations (and the wealthy elite who control them) reign supreme, while nations are reduced to a vestigial, subservient, policing role -- as we see in much of the Third World.

3. Global peace and harmony, as a scenario for world order, is perceived by the elite to be unstable and unmanageable; ongoing tension and chronic localized conflict are preferred. This is a scenario the elite knows how to manage - an ongoing version of dynamic "divide and conquer" -and it has the secondary benefit of funding a profitable arms industry.

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Challenging globalization
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions