Adapting to heatwave conditions

Adjusting to extreme warm weather
Dealing with excessive temperature conditions
Responding to heat wave conditions

Heat wave conditions provide an experience of what the future could be like if global warming continues unabated. Adapting behaviour to heat wave conditions is important for health and wellbeing.


The following practices can increase the efficiency of air conditioning equipment during heat waves: (a) Replace the air conditioner's filter if it's dirty and check to see that the coils are free of debris. (b) Place window air conditioners in the shade. (c) Use weather stripping and caulk to insulate doors and windows. (d) Check to see that your attic is well ventilated, which will make the rooms below cooler. (e) Pull down shades and close curtains during the day. (f) Consider using a fan on cooler days or at night – fans use one-tenth the energy of an air conditioner.

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