Embodying trans-local presence

Calling for a life style of awareness of one's responsibilities as a regional man. The effect is a general mobilizing of regional participation as others adopt that style which would contribute to transforming social interaction.
An integral part of transforming social interaction to enable the individual to display his particular gifts; and to breath new life into individual and group cultural encounters within the community.
Tactics include: consensus power to demonstrate consensus government in the family and the community at all levels; feedback utilization to show use of follow-up data to enhance consensus participation; research techniques to apply new methodologies such as gridding as a manifestation of style in research; occupational relatedness to demonstrate that vocation has meaning beyond one's own limited area; and tool application to demonstrate use of techniques such as model-building, brain-storming and gestalting that can enable translocal presence. An example is a family that learns the use of consensus within its own structures and that individually enacts that same style wherever possible in the larger community.
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Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies