Strengthening policies to protect indigenous property

Strengthening laws to protect customary practices
This strategy features in the framework of Agenda 21 as formulated at UNCED (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), now coordinated by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development and implemented through national and local authorities. Agenda 21 recommends adopting or strengthening appropriate policies and/or legal instruments that will protect indigenous intellectual and cultural property and the right to preserve customary administrative systems and practices.
1. Artists, writers and performers should refrain from incorporating elements derived from indigenous heritage into their works without the informed consent of the traditional owners. 2. They should support the full artistic and cultural development of indigenous peoples, and encourage public support for the development and greater recognition of indigenous artists, writers and performers. 3. They should contribute, through their individual works and professional organizations, to greater public understanding and respect for the indigenous heritage associated with the country in which they live.
Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies
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GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions