Rebuilding mankind's story

To synthesize from all traditions the drama of the human adventure. The catalytic effect is to reawaken the individual to the gifts of his heritage and the possibilities of his future.
An integral part of recreating human mythology to enable an individual to create a new self story, seeing himself in his local situation as a global person with a covenantal relationship to life.
Tactics include: appropriate of the past through reclaiming heritage through myth symbols and recontexting; community enlightenment to instil a sense of community and remake the community image; re-awakening the family to relate the individual members to the world; search through traditional family background and disseminate an image of global responsibility; and life celebration to re-enact the images of responsibility and links to the family, community and globe. An example is using a course in ethnic heritage studies for children of that ethnic group.
1. Revealing the untold story - bringing to light new evidence in a different framework - transforms our perception of reality and therefore our behaviour, which, in turn, influences the way the world works.

2. Individuals and groups who have vested interests in restricting information about our multi-track history and how the world really works will resist the dissemination of such new knowledge. Just think how many officials and leaders in power benefit from followers accepting limited versions of truth.

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