Promoting inter-cultural relatedness

Broadening individual understanding of the inter-relatedness of the world's cultures. The effect is that when a person becomes aware of the inter-relatedness of all cultures, he begins to realize that the individual's story is that of the whole world, and that decisions made within particular arenas must take the whole global context into account.
An integral part of honouring human creativity through internalizing the individual's self images of uniqueness and enabling him to contribute his wisdom to the corporate journey of mankind.
Tactics include: cultural exchanges to expand individual understanding of culture across the globe and to enable each person to view himself as a significant contributor to the cultural wealth of mankind by means of various exchange mechanisms; international gatherings to bring together groups of people from across the globe who are engaged in similar endeavours to share their struggles and wisdom; media expansion to make cross-cultural contributions readily available through a variety of communications methods; visual representation to emphasize cultural heritage by means of expanding individual awareness of global symbols and mythology; and cultural recognition to honour the wealth of cultural wisdom by means of specific celebrations.

The French publisher, Syros, in conjuction with the association [L'arbre à livres], produces a collection of books called 'L'arbre aux accents', to familiarize young people with another country, its language and its culture. For There are three books for each country: tales for young children, a book on foods and a book of contemporary short stories. The books are bilingual and illustrated by artists from the country concerned.

Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies
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GOAL 4: Quality Education