Coming out

Acknowledging homosexuality publicly
Declaring homosexual orientation
In 1996, the Belgian Vice-Premier was forced to make his homosexuality public in clearing his name after anonymous accusations that he had sex with under-aged male prostitutes. His political party concluded there was nothing wrong with having a homosexual Vice-Premier.
Increasing a larger number of young gays, including adolescents, have the confidence to declare their sexual orientation openly. The real problem is that it is difficulty for parent to accept the homosexuality of their children so long as society does not accept it.
Counter Claim:
1. It is fine for gays to say that they should keep their sexuality to themselves, but that way they don't have to adopt a clear stand on homosexuality.

2. If Belgium accepts having a high-profile gay politician, it has more to do with general attitudes to private life than being pro-gay. Private life is sacred. It should only be called into question in someone's professional life if it is likely to affect the way they do their job.

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F: Exceptional strategies
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