Dialoguing between North and South

Working together for a change in north-south relations
Dividing world population into the wealthier countries, mostly in the northern hemisphere and the poorer countries, mostly in the southern, and promoting exchanges of opinion on this basis.
North-South relations have to be seen within a new global context resulting from the end of the great divide between East and West and its far-reaching consequences. There is a need for new development compacts, both between developed and developing countries as also between developing countries themselves, for the effective promotion of long-term sustainable growth and development.
Counter Claim:
1. North -- South is an economic division which, much like the former communist -- non-communist division, strengthens by its structure precisely those elements it seeks to transcend.

2. North-South is far too simple a division to treat the huge spectrum of development issues involved.

3. Worst of all, the North-South division assumes that the North has development and the South needs it, when all of the communities in both North and South are permeated with one another's nationals, industries and social, political and economic concerns.

Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies