Supporting anti-tobacco advertising

Discouraging cigarette use
David Byrne, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection has welcomed Philip Morris' admission that tobacco is not safe. "This admission signals an end to the tobacco industry's denial of the harmful effects of its products", said Mr Byrne. "It is overdue but very welcome. However, it is only a first step and the true measure of the industry's change of position will be in its willingness to adapt its marketing and advertising policies to what we already know - that smoking kills". Mr Byrne added that he hoped that he could count on the support of the industry in his plans to improve existing EU provisions on the labelling of tobacco products, on tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide content and on additives. "With this latest admission, the industry should now actively support measures which will fully inform its customers of the true extent of the dangers of smoking", said Mr Byrne.
The 1998 general agreement between the US tobacco industry and US state authorities includes provision for sustained advertising and education programs to counter youth tobacco use and educate consumers about the cause and prevention of diseases associated with tobacco use. It further provides for the development, dissemination and testing of counter advertising campaigns. The agreement allows states to substitute, at industry expense and for the duration of billboard lease periods, alternative advertising which discourages youth smoking. The agreement also bans tobacco companies from entering into agreements which would prohibit advertising discouraging tobacco use.
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