Preventing chemical accidents

There has been much activity by international organizations in addressing ways to prevent or respond to major chemical accidents at fixed installations. A key initiative was the EEC/EU directive on the major accident hazards of certain industrial activities. The directive, commonly known as the "Seveso" directive, was adopted in 1982. The EEC/EU plans shortly to make a proposal to review the directive fundamentally and increase its scope.

Other recent initiatives in the prevention of chemical accidents include the 1992 [ECE Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents], which fostered regional cooperation concerning research and development, exchange of information and exchange of safe technologies, and OECD's comprehensive [Guiding Principles for Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response], which was published in 1993. OECD is currently working on extending the scope of its Guiding Principles, including the interface between fixed installations and various transport modes.

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