Designing digitally

Advancing digital design
Digital design has become ubiquitous in the design processes of virtually all design disciplines. This is no longer a case of simply trying to merge computing tools with design, but presents the need to find a new understanding of the nature of design thinking in digital media.

Digital design is becoming a paradigm shift in the definition and practice of the design disciplines and it is today developing and changing rapidly. In this new and evolving world of the e-practice of design, digital design thinking is now emerging as the set of phenomena that characterize the way in which the digital designer is beginning to think and interact with representational media, the mediated work-place, electronic communities and develop an expanded e-identity.

Digital media today provide the stimulus for new intellectual and theoretical directions. They have become a central focus for new design theories. They are currently challenging designers of all disciplines to formulate a new understanding of design. Emerging concepts of form generation are contributing to new design paradigms. Furthermore, digitally mediated design is becoming inter-related with the virtual, and virtual design environments are becoming increasingly immersive, knowledge rich and intelligent.

Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies