The important thing is to not stop questioning. (Albert Einstein).
Questioning faith
Questioning facts
Questioning advice
Challenging beliefs
Questioning reality
Questioning certitude
Questioning assumptions
Questioning documentation
Demanding political balance
Controlling flow of capital
Questioning operating images
Questioning unattainable goals
Assessing development assistance
Questioning political assumptions
Intentionalizing use of resources
Questioning vocabulary inadequacies
Requiring that expertise meet needs
Requiring employable skills
Initiating basic personal decisions
Questioning psycho-social dependency
Questioning unconventional lifestyles
Questioning control by economic forces
Questioning previous government action
Questioning deviations from social roles
Questioning security of social structure
Challenging adequacy of social structure
Questioning superiority of expensive drugs
Determining range of analytical judgements
Requiring re-evaluation of social patterns
Challenging legitimacy of public authority
Questioning reliance on other social units
Questioning dependency on social assistance
Questioning limited communal understandings
Questioning government environmental policy
Questioning adequacy of production equipment
Keeping traditions meaningful to modern life
Demanding review of corporate decision making
Questioning trade viability of small countries
Requiring relevance in information acquisition
Questioning usefulness of accumulated knowledge
Questioning conscience on value of social roles
Resisting interference with individual behaviour
Questioning inadequate provision of secure existence
Questioning industrial applications of technical skills
Challenging reductionisms in assessing consumption needs
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies