Studying economics

Undertaking economic studies
ciety (1100025507)
Society for New Institutional Economics (1100034472)
Ergonomics Association (1100001382)
e Development of Social Science Research in Africa (1100042409)
Association for Research in Economic Psychology (1100057372)
of the Natural Gas Industry (1100052480)
Association for the Study of Insurance Economics (1100062296)
iation for Comparative Economic Studies (1100055136)
iation for Research in Industrial Economics (1100032296)
Arab Institutes and Centres for Economic and Social Research (1100043674)
c Research Council (1100024733)
earch into Economics and Finance in Southern Africa (1100065631)
itute for Development Economics Research (1100056237)
omic and Social Studies in Western Africa (1100017795)
tal Group on Rice (1100018920)
ics Research Bureau (1100067216)
Health Centre of Socio-Economic Studies and Research (1100016386)
mic Research and Documentation Centre (1100033724)
conomic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (1100045628)
nt Studies on Latin American Economic Integration (1100067441)
ernational Research on Economic Tendency Surveys (1100037857)
undation for Social and Economic Studies (1100014970)
nomic and Social Studies of the Third World (1100053435)
ic Research Consortium (1100015930)
arch Group on Democracy, Economic and Social Development in Africa (1100015873)
rk for Energy Economics Research (1100032021)
rch Forum (1100010909)
mic Research and Advisory Consortium (1100049524)
conomic Studies of Argentine and Latin American Reality (1100014826)
arch in International Economics and Growth (1100021652)
is Institute of Social and Economic Studies (1100023410)
for Research on International Economic Relations (1100043328)
for an Alternative Economic Strategy (1100049529)
titute of Development Studies (1100014907)
nomic Research on Africa, Upper Montclair NJ (1100043089)
nomic Studies of the Developing Countries (1100064657)
nomic Studies of the USA, Japan and other Non-European Developed Countries, Sofia (1100004058)
opean Economic Studies, Sofia (1100014749)
ion for Asian Studies (1100067176)
International Economic and Political Studies, Moscow (1100002039)
Study of Economics and Development (1100038659)
Centre, Murdoch University (1100057021)
Fellowship for Social and Economic Development Research (1100014622)
t Asian Economic and Social Studies (1100019514)
udi per lo Sviluppo Economico (1100055096)
International Economic Studies (1100005180)
conomic Growth - Research Centre on Social and Economic Development in Asia (1100042119)
S and Canadian Economic Studies, Wuhan (1100000410)
dies in Diplomacy, International Law and Economics, New Delhi (1100039482)
Center of Agricultural and Resource Development (1100037948)
ernational Economic Studies, Adelaide (1100039604)
Economics Research Center (1100029270)
Institute for Economic Research of the University of Göttingen (1100008389)
earch in Economic Development and International Trade (1100062456)
Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (1100008197)
st European Economic Research Centre, Warsaw (1100011788)
earch on the New International Economic Order (1100062322)
e for International Economics and Applied Economic Research (1100046932)
tional Higher Business School (1100007154)
ureau of Economic Studies, Tunis (1100019718)
rch Network on the Economics of Technical Change (1100058751)
e for Applied Economic Research (1100038005)
tudies in International Development and Cooperation (1100027464)
Institute for Economic Research (1100009262)
Socio-Economic Studies of Developing Regions (1100013399)
Regional Economic Research (1100053998)
Study of International Economic Relations, Western Ontario (1100011502)
ernational Legal and Economic Studies (1100004515)
the Study of Transport in European Integration (1100066407)
tute for International Technical and Economic Cooperation, Zurich (1100005719)
nomic Research and Industrial Planning (1100056213)
earch in Islamic Economics (1100015934)
Awareness Research Programme (1100030770)
oreign Economic Research, Moscow (1100052604)
tute of International Economics, Tianjin (1100038643)
Economics and Finance Association (1100030340)
ation for Research in Social-Economics (1100007845)
and Economic Studies Centre (1100036196)
ial and Economic Development Studies (1100002990)
nomic Policy Research, London (1100021037)
e for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (1100028050)
European Economic Research, Wuppertal (1100018626)
tute for International Technical and Economic Cooperation, Aachen (1100042833)
a Economic Research Unit (1100008423)
Research Foundation (1100042934)
Study Group for Economic Scientific and Cultural Cooperation (1100031937)
Islamic Economic and Social Research Centre (1100043343)
Centre for Middle East Business and Economic Research (1100045507)
r Middle East Economic Research, Sydney (1100027383)
Network for Research and Action on the Role of Women in the Informal Economic Sector (1100065379)
Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth