Using music therapy

Employing musical medicine
Using music as a healing art, assisting individual fulfilment and social integration.
Sufis believe that music enticed the soul into the body, while the Ancient Greeks held that musical laws explained both human behaviour and the structure of the cosmos.

Amongst recent discoveries, a doctor working in Stanford has discovered that the firing of neurone patterns within the brain at the brain stem level corresponds exactly to the frequency and vibration of the musical sounds they "hear".

Joint research in psychiatry, music and neuro-psychology has developed a method of creating a tune for each organ of the body. This new concept of how music and brain function correlate and synthesize, by transferring the coding sequences of the patterns of DNA into musical coding, was demonstrated to those attending a UK National Appeal for Music Therapy by its originator Professor Paul Robertson of Kingston University and leader of the medici String Quartet, playing a haunting "melody of the liver" on his violin.
The voice bridges the sensual world and the life of intellect, spirit and love, reflecting the state of being of an individual. The potential for healing can be released through song and non-verbal sound.
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