Grounding historical significance

Offering adequate individual historical context
Providing sufficient individual historical context
Analysing and evaluating all of the past in order to glean the significant wisdom that relates to the individual's current life-style.
An integral part of grounding decisions historically to give a temporal and world-wide framework for the individual's decisional relationships to life.
Tactics include: to classify, relate to the present, and record, past and present symbols; to evaluate all the wisdom held in the writings of the great philosophies relative to today; to review and evaluate the way of life of the civilizations of the world and the gifts they offer for today; to recount and analyse the occurrences that have been significant to man's development; to create education in which is taught how to utilize the wisdom of the past relative to the present at every stage of life. An example is the rediscovery of historical heroes who exemplified social revolutionaries of their age.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies