Promoting self
Promoting equity
Promoting quality
Promoting fantasy
Promoting research
Promoting products
Promoting laziness
Promoting children
Promoting interests
Promoting craftwork
Advancing nutrition
Popularizing heroes
Promoting the family
Promoting excellence
Advocating oligarchy
Pursuing human rights
Promoting road safety
Promoting use of film
Promoting use of film
Promoting role of books
Promoting individualism
Promoting goods exchange
Promulgating nationalism
Promoting self-employment
Advocating male supremacy
Advocating militarization
Promoting renewable energy
Promoting internationalism
Promoting entrepreneurship
Promoting public relations
Promoting sports and games
Promoting social innovation
Promoting knowledge society
Promoting national language
Promoting international law
Promoting corporate welfare
Advancing energy efficiency
Promoting cultural exchanges
Advancing interests of women
Promoting female spirituality
Advancing conflict resolution
Promoting right to development
Promoting solutions to poverty
Promoting cultural cooperation
Promoting cultural development
Advancing continuing education
Advancing environmental health
Advocating humanitarian issues
Promoting transparency in trade
Advocating culture of tolerance
Strengthening local governments
Promoting indigenous development
Promoting sustainable livelihoods
Advocating intercountry adoption
Promulgating conspiracy theories
Promoting interests of rural youth
Promoting study of social sciences
Advancing contraceptive technology
Advocating sustainable development
Promoting small-scale human society
Promoting voluntary human extinction
Promoting basic respiratory research
Advancing infrastructure maintenance
Promoting women's public health issues
Promoting rights of children and youth
Promoting effective use of fertilizers
Promoting alternative civilian service
Advancing integrated rural development
Popularizing development communication
Promoting gender-responsive development
Promoting acceptance of codex standards
Promoting women's economic self-reliance
Promoting use of labour-based technology
Promoting coordinated telecommunications
Promoting study of industrial archaeology
Facilitating economic structural adjustment
Promoting scientific and technology culture
Advancing industrial environmental management
Mobilizing resources for economic development
Promoting environmentally sound economic growth
Promoting North-South environment and development
Promoting adolescent reproductive health awareness
Promoting appropriate national information policies
Promoting international cooperation in human rights
Promoting observance of international labour standards
Promoting participation of women in non-government organizations
Type Classification:
P: Strategy polarities