Using communications media to promote equality between women and men

This strategic objective formed part of the Platform for Action of the United Nations Fourth World Conference for Women (Beijing, 1995).

Action by governments to address this objective might include providing access to the mass media to women and women's groups, and establishing bodies to monitor standards in terms of content and then taking steps to regulate communications that are derogatory to women. Provision could be made for women and women's groups to have equal access to telecommunications, computer and other information technology and training.

Action by non-governmental organizations might include the development of communications networks to link women's groups, as well as the establishment of media watch organizations and strategies to withdraw support from advertisers who continue to support unfavourable portrayals of women.

Action by organizations of the United Nations system might include the development of international guidelines for gender equity in the media, both in employment policies and in programming.

Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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