The process by which a person enters into dialogue with spirit so that it expresses itself in life, work, relationships and relevant world and action-settings in new ways. The disciplines of enspiriting are: deep listening, deep questioning, deep imaging, intentioning, discerning and dialogue. These disciplines can be applied to personal, organizational and community life.
The ways of enspiriting are disciplined practices that help re-engage with the spirit in a culture which, for several hundred years, has denied spirit its place in a person's life.
Spirit enspirits. Those who learn to enspirit and enspiritors. By its enspiriting, spirit calls us, pushes us, entices us. It hides from us when not welcomed. It interacts with and even negotiates with our social biography so that it can find room to breathe. It takes us to new spaces. Enspiriting is transformative. It brings into being that which was not and never has been.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies