Awakening phase consciousness

Revealing the gifts of four distinct life-phases. The effect of awakening phase consciousness is the creation of an inclusive myth.
An integral aspect of intentionalizing generation roles to enable the individual's active participation in the responsible creation of his life by becoming conscious of the significance of his life phase.
Tactics include: re-imaged style to illustrate each phase role through documenting possibilities, solitary songs, and global travel; deepened symbols to signal life events and family heritage through art forms and celebrations; corporate polity to enable corporate action through assigning responsibility, holding accountability, corporate planning, symbolized decisions, and problem-solving structures; appropriated wisdom to broaden man's understanding of local and global contexts through study, stories, and art forms; and channelled gifts to direct the unique qualities of each life phase toward service to the family, the community, and the globe. An example could be the elderly using their wisdom to create their own mythology and setting an example for the emerging generation.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies