Activating purposeful community

Creating a significant channel through which the power of every individual's creativity can be released. The effect is self-conscious decision to actualize his world-wide responsibility through his commitment to the community mission.
An integral part of honouring human creativity through internalizing the individual's self images of uniqueness and enabling him to contribute his wisdom to the corporate journey of mankind.
Tactics include: revitalizing education to enable corporate building of community problemats, to enable consensus building in the interaction among parents, teachers and students to use examples to open up the power and vitality of a corporate direction, and encourage classrooms and schools where models are being activated; stabilizing of important occasions through creature and symbolic celebrations; structuring care to provide for full mental and physical needs of every citizen by establishing a comprehensive date bank, basic accountability in family structures, dividing the community into care units, focusing the gifts of all groups, in conducting open forums, in establishing feedback between citizen and decision-makers, by developing the family as a community-oriented entity, and by drawing people together at community festivals; and mission articulation to focus the community resources on a common task through imaginal use of community radio and newspapers, creating a mission community story, developing community timelines, demonstrating mission style in signal projects and broadly representative group workshops to plan the future. An example would be a weekly meeting to consider accountability focused on the community's missional thrust.
Society Communities
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities