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The third sector is the primordial sector. Throughout history, humans beings have always established social communities first. They develop rules of social exchange, embed their members in complex reciprocal relationships and build up social trust. The third sector plays a critical role in establishing social trust and making markets and trade possible. The cultural institutions of a society, its churches, secular institutions, civic associations, fraternal organizations, sports clubs, art groups, non-governmental organizations and the like are the well-spring of social trust.


For three-quarters of a century the National Council for Voluntary Organizations has championed the cause of voluntary organizations in the UK and worked to increase their effectiveness. It provides services in securing resources and effective management, and provides information and advice on developing voluntary work.


Third sector participants share the belief in the importance of service to the community and the creation of social capital. The potential for a new third force in political life has not yet been galvanized into a mainstream social movement. This is because the millions of people who either volunteer or work in this sector have not seen themselves as part of a potentially powerful constituency.

International Council of Voluntary Agencies
Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service
International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations
International Federation of Workers' Education Associations
African Voluntary Organization for Child and Maternal Care
European Council for Non-Profit Organizations
International Society for Third-Sector Research
International FORUM on Development Service
Ex-Volunteers International
Union of West African Voluntary Workcamps Associations
Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies
European Volunteers for Development
Resourcing Foundations - Associations and Voluntary Organizations in the European Union
Association of Voluntary Service Organisations
Liaison Committee of Development NGOs to the European Union
United Nations Development Fund for Women
Voluntary Organizations in a Citizen's Europe
European Network of Older-Volunteer Organizations
Forum of African Voluntary Development Organizations
International Federation of Health Plans
Asian Volunteers' Network
United Nations Volunteers
European Volunteer Centre
Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development
American Council for Voluntary International Action
British Volunteer Agencies Liaison Group
National Council for Voluntary Organizations
Centro Volontari per il Mondo
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Committee on Central America
European Documentation Centre for the Volunteer Work in the 19th and 20th Centuries
AVSI Foundation
Federazione Organismi Cristiani Servizio Internazionale Volontario
Returned Volunteer Action
Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Centre for Civil Society
Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
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