Systematizing materials distribution

Systematizing materials dispersal
Organizing and regulating structures for the global distribution of goods. The effect is directly upon the distribution structures which will actualize this system in the local community and affect the consumption plans where the consumer must reorganize his budget for the new allocation. The resources can be dispersed systematically through a community loan chest to those who are in need.
An integral part of formulating images for articulation of meaningful human relationships, to enable the individual to come out of isolation and respond to life's situations in a detached, yet comprehensively engaged, manner.
Tactics include: materials distribution to regulate, conserve and prioritize consignment of materials equitably; dispersal methods to organize procedures, control accounting and create a flow timeline to allocate goods; continuous remodeling to create models for research and experimentation with advanced technology; community signs to demonstrate the possibility of everyone participating in dispersal planning; and consumer enablement to provide the individual with the training and information to live in the new society.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies