Assessing needs-resources

Assessing needs and resources

Assuring that all the data, all the methods, and all the decisions are available so that a comprehensive assessment of needs and resources for the world can be made. The effect is that out of the assessment valuable data will be collected so that the necessary resources will be made available in the future. It will also point to a basis for development of new resources that will be needed to take care of society's rapidly changing needs.


An integral part of formulating images for articulation of meaningful human relationships, to enable the individual to come out of isolation and respond to life's situations in a detached, yet comprehensively engaged, manner.


Tactics include: data accumulation to ensure that all the pertinent data is available; comprehensive assessments to put the data into an understandable and usable form; coordinating methods to make certain that all pieces of data are worked on using corporate methods; necessity control to set up standards for the assessment; and decision facilitating intended to provide the models so that an inclusive final decision is feasible. An example of this would be out of assessment which says that the necessary supply of coal will be exhausted soon, scientists would know to start developing adequate methods for use of solar energy.

Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies
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