Caring for the land

Adopting landcare policies
In Australia in 1996, the National Farmers Federation (NFF) and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) joined forces to campaign for an expanded National Landcare Programme leading up to the year 2000 requiring at least $130 million per year. The two organizations have developed a plan which calls for separate funding for the introduction of taxation rebates and credits for all landholders for conservation work, such as the protection of remnant vegetation and revegetation, control of feral animals, and the protection of biodiversity. Taxation deductions are advocated to promote donation to natural conservation trusts. Funds are also to improve property management by supporting an integrated approach to primary production, natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. Water management and development of user-friendly environmental indicators are also priority areas. This activity is part of the Decade of Landcare launched by the Australian government in 1989.
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G: Very Specific strategies
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GOAL 15: Life on LandGOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions