Being in opposition
Providing opposition

Resisting may bring to awareness the need for a solution, but it does not offer any realistic alternative.

Counter Claim:

What you resist, you become.

Resisting evil
Resisting change
Opposing arms race
Resisting problems
Resisting invasion
Resisting domination
Resisting temptation
Resisting government
Resisting self-review
Resisting new methods
Resisting unjust laws
Resisting displacement
Resisting peer pressure
Resisting impulses to lie
Opposing social innovation
Resisting charitable giving
Resisting changing routines
Resisting external influence
Resisting societal knowledge
Resisting reactionary forces
Opposing existing social order
Resisting foreign dictatorship
Resisting community dependency
Resisting technology education
Resisting military dictatorship
Resisting economic dictatorship
Resisting political dictatorship
Resisting taxing fossil fuel use
Resisting religious broadcasting
Resisting tyrannical dictatorship
Resisting medical experimentation
Providing bureaucratic opposition
Resisting loss of personal investment
Resisting changing agricultural methods
Resisting inclusive environmental models
Resisting internationally agreed standards
Providing opposition to private initiative
Resisting public health practices
Resisting interference with individual behaviour
Resisting government intervention in the private sector
Undermining political opposition to administrative action
Resisting conversion from arms manufacture to a peaceful economy
Resisting political intervention in international athletic exchanges
Resisting displacement of nongovernmental organizations by duplicates in intergovernmental organizations
Undermining international organizations
Providing opposition to use of natural energy sources
Providing opposition to embryo transfer technology
Resisting foreign intervention through tourism
Providing opposition to administrative action
Resisting government intervention in society
Resisting token humanitarian intervention
Resisting foreign government intervention
Resisting police intervention in meetings
Resisting foreign military intervention
Resisting commercialization
Constructive resistance
Frustrating role of opposition
Facilitated by:
Developing resistance
Defence Resistance
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies