Protecting marine animals

Conserving aquatic fauna
Conserving species of ocean animals
Protecting endangered marine animals
Conserving endangered marine animals
One of the objectives of the [Geneva Protocol concerning Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance] (SPAs) is the preservation of habitats critical to the survival, reproduction and recovery of endangered, threatened or endemic species of flora and fauna. The more recent [Barcelona Protocol] extends the obligations under the [Geneva Protocol]. It requires that a new list be drawn up of SPAs that: (1) are of importance for conserving the components of biological diversity in the Mediterranean; (2) contain ecosystems specific to the Mediterranean area of the habitats of endangered species; (3) are of special scientific, aesthetic, cultural or educational interest. By March 1998, 216 SPAs had been established under the [Geneva Protocol]. Also action plans for the conservation of marine turtles, monk seals and cetaceans have been approved by the Parties.
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