Providing sufficient international policy on specific issues

Offering adequate international policy on specific issues
Society of Social Defence and Humane Criminal Policy (1100055817)
Science Policy Foundation (1100004155)
Council for Global Health Progress (1100036114)
Institute for Policy, Practice and Research in the Education of Adults (1100001311)
Council on Human Rights Policy (1100045493)
Policy Council on Agriculture, Food and Trade (1100047421)
Centre for Migration Policy Development, Vienna (1100006327)
Food Policy Research Institute (1100045634)
Health Policy and Management Institute (1100061364)
Network of Cities on Drug Policy (1100002892)
Family Policy Forum (1100064768)
Domestic and International Policy Studies (1100024561)
International Affairs and Foreign Policy, Madrid (1100063016)
Economic Policy Association (1100021806)
for International Relations (1100047904)
Forum for Innovative Northeast Asia Strategy (1100044537)
Centre for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies (1100046013)
Centre for the Science of Global Change and Global Policy (1100040207)
Institute for Special Offender Services and Policy Research (1100037064)
ute of International Affairs (1100057901)
Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy (1100008972)
l on International Policy (1100029697)
ernational Policy (1100000187)
Peace Policy Research Institute (1100034606)
Training Centre for Energy Policy (1100028488)
te for International Studies, Providence RI (1100006139)
International Education and Policy Research, University Park PA (1100058122)
Public Policy Institute (1100036283)
tional Law and Policy Group (1100011609)
e for International Economic Policy (1100055854)
rnational Policy (1100054097)
ernational Activities and Policy Studies in Education (1100014193)
y International Policy Research Centre (1100043129)
Center for Land Policy Studies (1100029823)
International Economic Policy (1100027350)
International Policy Studies, Tokyo (1100067428)
ntre for International Studies (1100033364)
Institute for Policy and Administrative Studies, Edith Cowan University (1100011458)
rnational Communications and Policy, Bar-Ilan (1100020309)
ernational Science and Technology Policy (1100018429)
Institute for Counter-Terrorism (1100059637)
Policy Academy, Washington DC (1100041536)
Policy-making Policy
Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions