Opposing communism


Working to combat regimes, social groups or ideas which advocate the teachings of Karl Marx and his followers, especially those who seek the violent overthrow of existing institutions. Resisting the subversion of civil and religious institutions that oppose communism, particularly in schools, in the press and in broadcasting, and in civil law and customs by those not committed to anti-communist values.


The Gulags of Soviet Russia indicate what communism has in store for societies that are captured in its snares. The enslavement of the peoples of eastern Europe, the invasion of Afghanistan, the Cuban efforts to destabilize Latin America, all indicate the international conspiracy that communism represents. All those that believe in freedom must do their utmost to oppose it.

Counter Claim:

Opposing Communism, like any anti-ideology, becomes an obsession detached from actual events.

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Treating fear of communism
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D: Detailed strategies