Abstaining from environmental education

Doing without adequate environmental education

In the 2003 US budget, environmental education (EE) was labelled "ineffective." The budget calls for a reorganisation of Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), with EE funds being allocated to the National Science Foundation. The specific criticism of EE is: "This program has supported environmental advocacy rather than environmental education. The budget transfers funding to the National Science Foundation (NSF) math and science programs so that a consolidated program can better serve educators and students.".

Counter Claim:

Forty years ago we called "advocacy" in schools "civics". We prefer a numb, materialistic generation fluent in standardized tests that basically revel in semantics and put critical thinking, problem solving and citizen participation on the endangered species list. (Students might ask, what is that endangered species list, in a few years in this new world of non-science according to the Bush Administration.)

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F: Exceptional strategies
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GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 15: Life on Land