Exchanging seeds

Sharing plant genetic material
The Auroville community (Tamil Nadu, India) issues an [Index Seminum] for the region and is part of an international seed exchange programme with botanical gardens and universities throughout the world.

The Seed Savers' Network was established in Australia to preserve agricultural biodiversity in collaboration with individual farmers, gardeners and community groups. Seed Savers has helped put the conservation of original useful plants, including fruits, vegetables, medicines and fibres, into public light. Seed Savers' major activities include: (1) establishing national ,regional and local community-based seed networks; (2) establishing seed banks and field banks for non-hybrid locally-adapted varieties; (3) gathering and recording data on the varieties in the networks and seed banks for easy public access, for research and for exchange between parties; (4) education and training in all aspects of seed saving, banking and networking for community development projects - domestic and overseas; (5) promoting and publicising the need to conserve useful plants; (6) providing technical assistance to community development projects. Over ecent years, the Seed Aid Trust has fostered similar networks in the Solomon Islands, Tonga and Cuba, and is presently negotiating with other developing countries.

Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies