Supplying energy
Supplying industry
Supplying training
Supplying resources
Supplying information
Contributing new data
Supplying raw materials
Supplying capital goods
Supplying credit system
Supplying base materials
Supplying natural rubber
Supplying natural uranium
Supplying pepper products
Supplying futuric demands
Providing electrical power
Supplying fishery products
Providing necessary skills
Supplying fissile materials
Supplying contract research
Supplying chemicals equipment
Supplying petroleum resources
Supplying local teacher aides
Supplying ready made clothing
Supplying quality animal feeds
Supplying eu produced materials
Supplying needed language skills
Supplying modern house equipment
Providing vitality to social role
Supplying and organizing manpower
Supplying essential working tools
Supplying mechanized equipment pool
Supplying relevant career techniques
Supplying area construction supplies
Supplying home purchasing assistance
Supplying corporate functional tools
Delivering necessary public utilities
Supplying emergency breakdown repairs
Supplying children's school materials
Supplying necessary goods and services
Supplying adequate teaching facilities
Supplying agriculture production tools
Endowing religious symbols with meaning
Supplying effective business assistance
Supplying technical expertise resources
Supplying convenient refreshment source
Supplying accessible supportive services
Supplying profits distribution structure
Providing systems for industrial production
Supplying capable administrative secretaries
Supplying objectivity to executive decision-making
Providing services
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production