Re-orienting attitudes to resource allocation

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Providing the ideological vision and implementing structures to call to consciousness in the individual the demand that he participate fully in the planning, prioritizing, and equitable allocation of the Earth's resources to meet human needs. The effect is to assure that consumption plans will be based upon a realistic and global grassroots evaluation of current demands to meet the anticipated needs of all men, with the understanding that the resources of the earth are not unlimited, and that the requirements of present and future generations must be considered in terms of the principle that all of the goods of nature belong to all the people.
An integral part of redirecting materials planning to include every individual in contributing to decisions on global planning and prioritizing resource distribution.
Tactics include: vision statement to promote the ideology throughout the globe and to encourage involvement of every individual; symbol creation intended to produce creative stories, relevant art forms, imaginal tools, and basic ideological symbols which emphasize the ideology; story dissemination to provide occasional publication, mass media, public reports, film spectacles, and sponsored events all designed to carry the ideological story and encourage participation; educational events to involve training lecturers, developing meeting formats, creating discussion panels, illustrative plays, and imaginal songs which will stimulate everyone's participation; community programme to promote trans-metro study, global co-ops, surplus distribution, parish odysseys and craft exchanges which will give everyone an opportunity to participate in demonstrations of the ideology in action. An example is the instance of mother who consciously and continuously orients her children to enable them to evaluate their demands for new dresses, a colour television and a vacation at a summer resort in terms of the total demands upon family income and savings.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy