Designing ecologically

Using ecological design
Designing with nature
Guarding environment design
Eliminating unhealthy design
Designing green products
Using clean product design principles

The design of buildings, environments, products, materials, systems and communities, in harmony with and respectful of the ecology of the planet and all living species.


The term "ecological design" appears to have come from Scandinavia, where in 1982 was formed the Association for Ecological Design, which has since held many international symposia on ecological design.


Ecological design in the UK is concerned with two main areas: 1) the design of built human environments, such as housing, and in particular the eradication of "sick building syndrome"; and 2) elimination of the harmful effects on planetary ecology from synthetic chemicals and modern technological processes which are daily damaging the life support systems of the planet.

The local council and the Design Council of the UK have sponsored a competition to design a sustainable primary school on a greenfield site in Essex, UK. The project is intended to be replicable.

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E: Emanations of other strategies
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