Treating rot
Treating fever
Treating corpses
Treating leprosy
Treating madness
Treating diseases
Treating headache
Treating patients
Treating lethargy
Treating asphyxia
Reducing senility
Treating offenders
Treating allergies
Treating prisoners
Treating scoliosis
Treating detainees
Treating addiction
Treating neoplasms
Treating human hair
Treating strabismus
Treating narcissism
Treating melancholy
Improving digestion
Treating feebleness
Treating depression
Treating spasticity
Treating haemophilia
Treating paraplegics
Treating miscarriage
Treating sore throat
Treating infestation
Treating hallucination
Treating kidney damage
Treating poor humanely
Fighting dracunculosis
Treating metal toxicity
Treating sport injuries
Treating animal defects
Destroying animal pests
Treating mass casualties
Treating animal injuries
Reversing forest decline
Treating damaging moulds
Treating chronic boredom
Treating land infertility
Treating atopic illnesses
Treating human flatulence
Correcting mood disorders
Correcting self disorders
Treating foreign prisoners
Correcting teeth disorders
Treating medical paralysis
Treating human infertility
Correcting eating disorders
Treating waste biologically
Treating inferiority complex
Treating emotional paralysis
Treating occupational illness
Correcting glandular disorder
Correcting physical disorders
Correcting pregnancy disorders
Treating malnourished children
Treating waste by incineration
Treating flight-related illness
Treating psychological fixation
Correcting metabolism disorders
Correcting intestinal disorders
Correcting personality disorders
Correcting inheritable disorders
Correcting human sexual disorders
Treating shallow alkaline topsoil
Treating illness due to pesticides
Correcting psychosomatic disorders
Responding to symptoms of problems
Destroying crop pests and diseases
Treating infestations of parasites
Correcting nutritional deficiencies
Treating maternal depletion syndrome
Reducing symptoms in animal diseases
Correcting gastrointestinal disorders
Treating irrational dislike of animals
Treating waste with chemical processes
Treating pest infestations of buildings
Correcting obsessive-compulsive disorder
Treating chronic psychological resistance
Treating long-term effects of cocaine abuse
Correcting non-aptitude relational disorder
Correcting central nervous system disorders
Treating humanity as a plague upon the Earth
Preventing fouling and rust of marine equipment
Correcting disorders of the reproductive system
Treating infection
Treating mental feebleness
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies