Enshrining law
Managing stress
Preventing crime
Planning children
Preventing disease
Preventing fatigue
Fighting blindness
Preventing cruelty
Preventing vapidity
Reducing fanaticism
Preventing injuries
Preventing diseases
Preventing disasters
Preventing accidents
Preventing morbidity
Reducing vilification
Exposing false claims
Preventing disability
Preventing nuclear war
Preventing abstractions
Preventing vanquishment
Preventing hypertension
Preventing falsification
Preventing strike action
Preventing oral diseases
Preventing birth defects
Preventing nuclear tests
Preventing dental disease
Preventing unlawful entry
Preventing discrimination
Preventing trade barriers
Preventing unlawful action
Developing tobacco control
Combatting money laundering
Preventing patent violations
Preventing criminal activity
Preventing legal equivocation
Preventing fallibility of law
Reducing religious fanaticism
Preventing illegal excavation
Preventing climbing accidents
Preventing unlawful government
Organizing transfer of methods
Preventing radioactive fallout
Preventing species extinctions
Reducing aircraft pilot fatigue
Preventing introduction of pests
Preventing religious persecution
Preventing stored foods spoilage
Preventing unlawful imprisonment
Preventing government equivocation
Preventing unwanted excessive growth
Preventing movement across frontiers
Enabling thorough preventive measures
Preventing electronic equipment failure
Preventing unlawful cross-border commerce
Preventing retreat into interior awareness
Uncovering falsification of public records
Preventing impacts of ultraviolet radiation
Preventing internal displacement of peoples
Opposing environmentally destructive forces
Preventing atrocious human rights violations
Preventing exposure to environmental hazards
Preventing transgression of natural thresholds
Preventing fouling and rust of marine equipment
Preventing unlawful rewarding of public servants
Preventing adverse impacts on aquatic living resources
Preventing monopolization of gene patents of organisms
Preventing psychotic incoherence through self awareness
Preventing contamination of water sources by animal excrement
Preventing environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Reducing displacement of indigenous populations by foreign settlers
Preventing couples likely to pass on serious genetic deficiencies having children
Preventing abuse of environmentally sound technology intellectual property rights
Preventing environmental degradation from opencast mining
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being