Promoting digital literacy

Advancing computer literacy
Developing internet user capabilities
Teaching internet skills
Educating computer users

Mastering of the Internet and multimedia resources. Using these new resources to learn and acquire new skills. Acquiring key skills such as collaborative working, creativity, multi-disciplinarity, adaptiveness, intercultural communication and problem-solving.


Educational systems must create favourable environments for pupils and teachers to fully benefit from new technologies. Emphasis must be placed both on the technological platform (equipment, access, contents and services) and on the way it is used. Educational content must reflect and draw strength from cultural and linguistic diversity. The success of educational initiatives ultimately depends on the involvement of teachers and school managers, and the willingness of industry to work together with the education sector, for instance through public-private partnerships, to supply high-quality, tailor-made products, services and content.


The eEurope initiative was launched on 8th December 1999 with the adoption of the Communication "eEurope - An Information Society for all" by the European Commission. The initiative aims at accelerating the uptake of digital technologies across Europe and ensuring that all Europeans have the necessary skills to use them. The initiative was motivated by the growing realisation that the application of digital technologies has become the key factor for growth and employment. There is increasing evidence that a 'new economy' or e-economy is emerging, mainly driven by the Internet.

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E: Emanations of other strategies
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